Saturday, October 16, 2010

the last flowers of the season are getting blown over

Today I could not summon any enthusiasm for anything.  I was standing around in the garden, watching this bumblebee struggle against the wind, wavering and getting knocked around by the wind, trying to attach himself to a blossom on the last of the cosmos in my garden.  I decided to get my camera because I wanted footage of him.  The wind was blowing really hard.  The sun would come out for a minute and then go back behind a cloud.  It was really gusty.  I took about ten minutes of footage of flowers blowing around.  I started to feel better.  My roommate came home and I was standing in the garden, where the tomatoes and the squashes had been, just staring at the last cosmos.  She said I needed some sad French music.  I went onto iTunes and bought some.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  It took about fifty seconds to purchase the music and about three hours to make this video.  I am not as sad as I was when I started.  Oil changes is needs some new life.  I hope you like this movie.  I tried very hard to resist the temptation to "perfectly" match the footage to the music, to choreograph it "perfectly."  I tried to trust the footage as much as possible.  There's one cut that's already really bothering me.  Such is life.   



caryn Capotosto said...

It's a melancholy day in L.A. too. Seasons really do change here.. who knew! Pretty vid. Love the inspiration.

Margui said...

Eric Satie, Gymnopedie I think