Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snow emergency and curried lentils

Ten years ago I refused to patronize any restaurant on account of my poverty and the fact that rare was the restaurant that could serve me a bowl of food that was better than any bowl of food I could cook and serve myself.  Nonetheless, sometimes I would break my own rules and eat out, and there was one (Bloomington Indiana) restaurant (Cafe Django, I think) that served curried lentils with cabbage and carrots, and it was cheap and delicious.  Well, I only ate it once.  Then I started making it at home.  Ten years later, it's my favorite stew.  Sometimes the stew even turns into curried lentil burritos.  I wrapped two of those in foil and packed them in my suitcase one time.  They set off a security alarm (probably for being in voilation of culinary fusion), and the TSA people rummaged through my suitcase and made me show them my burritos. 

Changing directions, UMass is dumb.  We have a snow emergency on our hands today, but being the first day of the spring semester, plus the fact that it apparently costs the university more to close than it does to stay open (too bad for all the employees and students that got into car accidents), the chancellor and his numb nuts buddies decided not to close the school.  Then, once every faculty and staff member had driven to campus, they decided, that considering the snow and now the sleet that was falling, maybe they should shut campus after all.  What a bunch of f*** wads.  Anyway, as soon as I found my parking spot, I received a text message that said, school's closed.  I turned straight around and went home.  Right now I'd be telling a bunch of 18 year olds about my text messaging policy if it weren't for the snow. 

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