Sunday, January 30, 2011

burrito fashions

If you think this post will be about the various dresses and stylish trousers fashionable burritos wear about town and to debutante balls, you are wrong.  By "burrito fashions" I mean only this: do you mix everything together like a tossed salad and insert that concoction into the big flappy burrito-sized tortilla, or do you assemble the ingredients in tiers, thus creating a somewhat uneven and back-n-forth eating experience?  In lay terms, have you ever noticed that all the lettuce seems to be located on side and all the beans on the other?  This is the result of burrito construction, or rather, the result of a particular fashion of burrito construction.  We shall call the dual fashions, the lumpers and the dividers.  

The burrito pictured here is a bad example because it is what I like to call a "late burrito."  By late burrito I mean only those additional storage burritos you make beyond the burrito you are making for immediate consumption.  Call them leftovers if you want.  With the late burritos, or tardy burritos, it's important (I think) to keep the ingredients simple and to avoid at all costs lettuce.  Lettuce loses its essential lettuce quality when stored inside a burrito that is itself inside the refrigerator.  In any case, if you examine this photo closely you can see that the rice is to the left and the beans are to the right.  This burrito, therefore, causes the eater to move his head back-n-forth in a ping pong fashion, with master player Chang on the left and master play Dang on the right.  Chang, Dang, Chang, Dang.  We are now a long way from burrito fashions.  Bye.

Oh, and thanks to the very loyal fan who spoke to me at Flying Object recently, this blog has passed through its rebellious teenage angst and accepted the truth of its food roots.