Friday, April 8, 2011

deep fried shrimp

Don't start thinking that I made these today because I didn't.  These shrimp are somewhat old.  I have already digested them.  They were delicious.  

No, the real reason I'm posting them is because I feel like doing a post.  Just killing some time, though I'm sleepy and could use a nap, before the opening and video showing at Flying Object tonight.  The trick to tasty deep fried shrimp is in the shrimp (get good ones) and in the breading (season it amply).

Oh, and if I haven't repeated myself enough already, you also want to make sure your oil is very hot.  Contemporary Americans have the notion that deep fried foods are bad for you, and to some extent they are correct.  That said, deep fried foods done at home and PROPERLY are not so bad.  If the oil is hot, the food doesn't swim in it for very long.  These shrimp cooked in under 30 seconds.  Plus, people, if you fry your food in good, unsaturated fat, well, you do the math. 

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