Saturday, April 9, 2011

Midnight Special no. 4.0

To call these late-night masterpieces "Midnight Specials" is somewhat misleading.  They happen well after midnight.  Nonetheless, this is last night's midnight special.  On the heels of a brutal cold, I'd gone out and watched some Dark Brandon movies at Flying Object, snaked across town for a whiskey and a quarterly check-in with a popular, recreational substance often known as Mary Jane, then allowed myself to be persuaded into attending a PACKED karaoke bar at which I had a heart-to-heart with a good buddy, talked to some soon-to-be X-classmates, signed up to perform a Hank Williams song under the name Terry Bozo, then promptly left when someone stunk the joint up doing a Beastie Boys song.  I did not want to push it too much, so I skipped out on the late night party and came home to cook this Midnight Special:

I started out with two yellow corn tortillas between which I put some creamy jack and fried the torts on both sides, allowing the cheese to run out and caramelize.  On top of that I put some finely shredded, sauteed red cabbage, two eggs I scrambled in the pan, some more shredded jack on the hot eggs, and garnished with sliced scallions and clover sprouts.  I then took this into my room, to this very desk, and ate it like an animal before passing out with a quart of water.  

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