Sunday, April 24, 2011

desktop, weather

Easter morning.  The buzz on the streets has been rain.  Are we really having an abnormally cool and rainy April?  The other night someone said this to me and I shushed him.  Don't jinx us, I said.  I am so superstitious about the weather.  Summer 2009 was so cool and rainy, so cool and rainy, in fact, that my tomatoes barely made one ripe fruit.  If these weather patterns persist, the 2011 season is dashed.  Why even bother?  Easter, however, has brought us some sun.

Sometimes I go on rampages, cleaning rampages, lightbulb changing rampages.  Rampages of all kinds.  My body becomes tense and I rush around cleaning, fixing things, cussing.  For too long I have been unhappy with the surface of my desk.  Don't like looking at it.  Tired of it.  Last night I captured some of my rampage energy and slapped down a collage.  Directly onto my desktop.  I'm thinking of it as a work-in-progress, something I can amend here and there.

Last summer I hatched a plan for a big collage, a big one with an over-saturation of images, too much information, high density, almost ugly.  I had the whole thing pictured in my mind, not the exact thing, but it's exact essence, some details, too, but when it came time last night to practice the plan, it turned out to be somewhat more difficult to execute than I'd expected.  Which I guess is the point of a study: find out what works, alter plans accordingly, learn new tricks.  I hesitantly eyed the work this morning from bed...

This shot is to prove that the work is really on my desktop.  My coffee cup is on it right now, too.  I would not have set my coffee on a work before, not so carelessly as this.  Which I think is good.  This is a big work I made last night, and if I'd made it on a canvas, or a sheet of plywood (which is what I'm thinking about for the final version of this), I'd have propped it against a wall and forbidden physical interaction with it.  Would have been too precious.  But do I feel free?  I don't know.  I am momentarily not worried about the weather.   

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