Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Love Green

Before I utter one peep about my garden, I need to utter holy moley!  Cliche as it is, words really are an inadequate medium when it comes to describing not only what's happening in the biosphere these days, what with the maples flowering and the fields that two weeks ago still showed some of last year's dead growth, but how what's happening rubs balm on our souls.  Perhaps bungled sentences are best.  April cool wet rainy.  Then suddenly, at least to most eyes, boom, everything happening at once.  One day, no tulips, next day tulips.  In one week's time, all the major signs of spring have appeared, and many of them, if you weren't scrutinizing every minute push toward this, seemed to happen overnight.  Boom.  Spring. 

Spry little Johnny Jump-Ups re-seed themselves vigorously enough on their own.  Last year though, toward the end of their long flowering season, I collected their nearly exploded seed pods, dried them, and then scattered them abundantly throughout the garden in the fall.  They're everywhere now; these are only the first couple to bloom.  

One measly red tulip (there are others, actually, but not too many).  There would be more, many more, but last fall I didn't think it financially prudent to blow my hard earned wad of dough on tulip bulbs.  At least not all of it.  This coming fall, though, well, for that I am requesting bulb money for my birthday.  Tulips, like most anything else, are more stunning in numbers.  

This afternoon's light was phenomenal.  One of those typical afternoon lighting situations that happen at the tail end of a stormy day: one minute overcast, worthless light, the next minute the most luminous light that turns everything, including the leafing maples, chartreuse.  Moments like the one I captured here erase each of the awful and negative emtions that clamp down upon my spirit during the more difficult months of the year when I eat lentils and curse every muddled decision I ever made.  

Finally, my mushrooms, the thyme creeping upon their bases like soft thoughts of rabbits.  I'm not even entirely sure what I'm saying anymore.  The gas meter in the background is looking edible. 

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Dmarie said...

*chuckle* gotta love it! :-D