Monday, April 11, 2011

Midnight Special no. 4.1.5

I was not satisfied with the photo of the last Midnight Special (bad indoor lighting), so I wanted to post this one, which was basically an extension of the previous, since I'd made the previous one after a night of partying and this one for breakfast the next "morning."

I skipped the cabbage this time and repaced it with planks of potatoes that I quickly fried in a hot iron skillet.  I'd also almost run out of cheese.  That's one of the things that happens in life: you run out of cheese.  I must now sign off.  I am late for work.  That is another one of the things that happens.  Ciao


pinchgallery said...

I want a Midnight Special SO BAD right now.

Dmarie said...

ooh, soo glad to have hit upon this "midnight special"...can't wait to see more of these!