Monday, August 1, 2011

"The Marigold Murders," an Oilchanges Fun(d) Drive Feature

Hello again Readers and Fans

Today has been an exceptionally busy day, here at Oilchanges pledge central.  The Endust is flying around the room, the Swiffers are zooming left and right, and, as the phone lines light up and the facsimilie machine roars, our enormous team of miniature maids and manservants is preparing the celebratory dolmas: gold-plated grape leaves stuffed with diamond mousse and suckling pig, eye-boogers.  This is to say that we are five days deep here at Oilchanges pledge central, AND WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER.  With your help, we have already summoned 600 + bucks!  That's 30% of the way to our goal of $2000.  Thank you.  (You know who you are.)  To all of you who donated, and for all you new readers, please enjoy this OilChanges Fun(d) Drive Feature Film, "The Marigold Murders."  If you like it, continue reading after it's over.  I want to tell you all the backstory behind this Fun(d) Drive.  But not now.  Now you should put your headphones on and switch into full-screen because it's showtime! (Oh, and if you are reading this in google reader or something, click THIS.)

Untitled from Jono Tosch on Vimeo.

Oilchanges is heading out to New Mexico this September, i.e. me, to volunteer my labor on Stanley Crawford's farm in Dixon, altitude 6000 feet.  Me and Stan planned this trip to his farm (I live in Massachusetts) early this summer after I read his excellent book, "A Garlic Testament."  One quick email, and boom, I'd signed myself up to be a farm hand beside Stan and some dude named Miguel de Guanajuato.  Caught up in my enthusiasm to take off and learn about farming from a master, I'd completely overlooked the fact that this trip, as important as it will be to my personal growth and development, could also turn into a major financial sink-hole.  Bummer.  Regardless, I decided to go forward with it.  Furthermore, I turned down a number of on-line teaching contracts (I was gonna teach while on the road and on the farm) so that I could better focus on the work at hand: kick ass road and farm blog content.  And so, for the month of August, I've turned Oilchanges into a revenue generating monster.  We are doing pretty well so far, thanks to ten generous fans and readers, but we need your help.  Please climb aboard.  I will trade you top-notch road and farm content (not to mention awesome fun(d) drive content) if you pony up some gas $$$.  Click the gas can in the upper right-hand corner and show the love.  Thank you, all you beautiful people.


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