Friday, August 19, 2011

Tomato Sauce (double video special!)

Hi Friends and Fans

The switch-boards are bleeping and blopping.  The gas can is 7/10ths full!  Dennis, the floor-cleaning robot, spent the morning at the groomer's, getting his wires tightened and the ball bearings in his wheels lubricated.  I spent the morning on the interweb, learning how to read and write html, to prepare this blog for the onslaught of new readers who will arrive shortly.  When Oilchanges becomes a blog of note, thousands of new viewers will pour onto to it, and like you, they'll be expecting top notch content.

Hopefully they will like what they see.  They'll be a little wet behind the ears; they won't know Dick from Harry or Tommy from Tortelloni.  Not like you.  Some of you have been coming to Oilchanges for three years now!  I posted the video below on August 13th, 2008. Thanks for all the support and feedback.  Remember to click the gas can. 


1 comment:

Agnes said...

Well, you ARE Blog of Note :-) Congrats.