Friday, September 9, 2011

quick note

Hi Readers

I made it to New Mexico.  I crossed out of Texas about half an hour ago.  Now I'm back at another, and hopefully my last, MacRonald's, scooping up their complimentary wii-fi.  Video editing on the road has been tricky, but I'm still working on it.  Days Three and Four are coming, eventually, probably soon.  Until then, one shot from the road this morning, barreling out of Oklahoma City.



Roasted Almonds said...

This blog is so much interesting! WOW I admire you a lot:)

Anonymous said...

This guy I called today is heading into New Mexico soon. He said he saw a great movie that took place there --- "Tequila heaven." sounds great said it was kind of like the movie friday but in the southwest. one time on the amtrak, out the window I saw these little clay igloo things that new mexican people lived in. got to make it back there some day. I'm jealous of my friend, would be fun to rent a car and drive around the whole state taking snapshots.

mjunta said...