Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Purple Osaka

I was napping in my room when a knock came at my door.  I listened for a moment and determined that, yes, indeed, someone was knocking at the door to my apartment and not the apartment upstairs.  I called out that I would be right there, but it was too late.  Whomever had been knocking at my door was gone.  This is what happens when you nap.  

The weather has been quite horrible since Saturday morning.  Complete overcast.  Heavy clouds.  Rain.  Dampness.  Cold.  The meteorologists put together their ten day forecast, and that forecast predicted heavy cloud cover through the entire week.  There's no better way to dampen my spirits, and I'm not alone.  My buddy agrees with me.  We've been painting the walls of his business.  Yesterday we accidentally left a brush out without washing it, but it's no matter.  It's been so damp that the paint didn't dry one bit.  With weather like this, why not nap?

But the weatherman was wrong about today.  The sun eventually came out.  Around six I headed out for some groceries, and my upstairs neighbor stopped me on my driveway as I was getting into my car.  She said that the mayor's wife had stopped by, inquiring about the garden.  I said, Oh, so that's who was knocking at my door.  Apparently, Mrs. Narkewicz (D) wants to put my garden on the Ward 3 vegetable garden tour.  And why shouldn't she?  It's quite striking, and I'm not a Republican.  Can Republicans even garden? 


Anonymous said...

No, Republicans can only grow weed(s). Well done, laddie. You do us proud.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you guys are from but where I live, the people that actually grow food(farms) tend to be Republicans. Too much work for liberals.

Dr. Crowbar said...

I don't think food plants give a damn about political leanings. Then again, I've never asked one.

Dr. Crowbar said...

Farm don't always grow food.