Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rain Delay

When I was a kid, I would jimmy things up with string.  Mainly, I would jimmy up the kitchen cabinets.  If you opened one cabinet, a drawer across the room would also come open.  If you opened a drawer, the drawer beside it would open.  And so forth.  They were harmless pranks—far more harmless than the "medicine bombs" me and my buddy would lob onto the neighbor's garage—and my parents played along with them.  Fetch some Triscuits from the pantry, and the silverware drawer popped open.  Ah, youth.  I was remembering this when I set out to build my tomato fences this afternoon.  If the rain didn't send me inside, I would still be out there, head cold and all, hammering stakes into the ground, running strands of polyethylene cord between them.  Here are some pictures of the rain delay.  Oh, and mother, if you're out there, please confirm my string thing with a friendly comment. 


 Apparently it has stopped raining already.  Goodbye.


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