Monday, June 25, 2012

whole lotta shallots

Ok, so I'm a little moody.  (See previous post.)  I mean, who doesn't have their bad days?  The pope?  Perhaps the pope never has a bad day.  Bob Evans, the extraordinary sausage maker, maybe he never has a bad day.  Perhaps the inventor of the toaster oven never had a bad day, but I can't think of anyone else.  Most of my friends are moody, so it would be weird if I wasn't moody, too.  Can you imagine a world in which everyone was always super chipper?  Gross.  Think of all the great books that would never be written.  Anyway, I don't want to labor this point for too long.  I harvested all of my shallots this afternoon.  It was awesome.  The clouds were drifting around in the sky, shadows and highlights one moment, no shadows and no highlights the next moment.  Sorta like moods.  Whatever.  The point is that I waited for a bunch of clouds to move out of the way before shooting this short film, and I think you're gonna love it.  Peace!

[time lapses...........]

Ok, so I figure since I gotta wait for Vimeo to process my shallot video, I might as well write a bit more about shallots or something.  What should I write about shallots?  No clue.  They're milder than onions.  Isn't that what people say?  One time, at the Santa Fe farmers market, this woman was asking about shallots and Stan had me field the question, alluding to my previous chef work.  Now, this lady who was asking the question really only wanted a simple answer.  (I kinda realized that too late, like after she'd left, though, with some shallots.)  Instead, I explained that typically shallots have thinner layers than onions, and that therefore it is possible to dice them more finely, technically a brunoise instead of a dice, and that by logical extension, say you are making a salad dressing, shallots are preferable because the bits can be smaller than if you were using a yellow onion.  The lady was very nice.  I don't remember anything else about her.   

Ok, now you can enjoy the shallot movie.  And, local readers, if you want some of these babies, hit me up.

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