Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have a minor coffee situation happening this morning.  Weak coffee.  I put the water on to boil and rinsed out the French press.  Empty coffee jar.  No problem.  Back-up coffee in the freezer.  Alas, pretty scant.   

Twins!  I found this squash the other day.  Obvious comparisons to body parts could follow.  Not this morning.  Coffee is too weak.  Can't even begin to write balls.  Can't fathom plumber's crack.  Coffee far too weak.  

Pulled this whopper of a rutabaga the other day.  Julienne'd it for some root kimchi.  It put my shoe in the picture so you could compare the size of the rutabaga to the size of my shoe.  I wear size ten.  The rutabaga is much heavier than the shoe. 

My beans are mostly done for the season.  I pick about this many each day. Usually in the afternoon.  An important piece of information: my X started her own food blog!  What? 

A dinner I ate the other night.  So many dinners alone.  But I like being alone.  But it can be so lonely too.  Oh well.  The pickle was superb.  The chicken superb.  The potatoes eh.  The corn sweet.      


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