Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Social Fabric, Factory Hollow Press

If you're a long time reader, you'll remember that sometime last fall I posted about the social fabric that hangs on a line outside of Factory Hollow and billows there when the wind blows.  Long story short, I wrote about the social fabric while house sitting and then, sometime later after the owner of the house had returned from Florida, I got my own social fabric as a kind of thank you.  That was in November of 2011.  My social fabric sat out the winter in a drawer, thinking social fabric thoughts, it's beauty folded up for a time in the future.  Jump forward.  Today I sewed a rope into the social fabric and strung it up on my front porch.  This could very well be a violation of some clause in my lease, and if it is I am sure I will hear about it.  My wonderful landlord is an avid reader of this blog.  Until then, the social fabric is up, some tens miles from its progenitor social fabric, and it's billowing here on Orchard street.  I am sure to field more than one question on account of it and that, I think, is the point.       

I thought the social fabric should face forward, face the street, and I am still toying with that idea.  Like a person, it should look directly upon the world, be visible, put its best face forward, so to speak.  Currently, it faces east, down the street toward the corner where Duffy's Front End is, calling somewhat less attention to itself than it would were it facing forward, and that also is the point.  The garden out front garners enough compliments and questions from neighbors and passersby.  My question is: do I make the social fabric face forward?  Is that what makes sense for a social fabric?  It would certainly be the coolest backdrop to the corn, when the corn becomes tall enough to stand straight before it.  Whatever the case may be, I was glad to spend an hour this afternoon, sewing a rope into the social fabric with a needle and thread from my grandmother's old sewing kit.  


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