Monday, July 2, 2012

The Meadows

There is a bonus area of Northampton that is tucked between the interstate and the river.  It's a large area that locals call the meadows.  The roads are pure silt.  There are new school and old school fields, organic and so-called conventional farms.  There is an airport and a fair grounds; there's even a nation wildlife sanctuary with a beaver pond.  If you follow any of the silt roads, eventually you will come to the Connecticut river.  Sometimes there are boaters on the river.  Sometimes there are people with small, portable grills, snacking on weenies.  Going by the number of empty beer cans and  flavored, alcoholic drinks—hard lemonade, Twisted teas, other gross beverages—it appears that the meadows is a favorite place for the youth of Northampton to drink illegally.  In any case, I drove down there the other night to film some fireflies.  I checked myself vigorously for ticks upon returning home.  This is the film that I made.  It stars my feet.

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