Wednesday, December 5, 2012

soup bones

I'm sitting on my bedroom floor.  My computer is propped up on a wooden vegetable crate.  It's 5:41 and I have some water boiling on the stove.  I started some meat sauce about 80 minutes ago.  I am attending a reading tonight at 8 PM.  I am a hair shy of six feet tall; I am 36 years old; I have been wearing the same pair of blue jeans for more than three weeks.  I am also a huge advocate of soup bones.  It's rare that I don't throw a bone into a pot.  What can it hurt?  It never hurts to add a bone to something.

Vegetarians obviously have an issue with eating meat.  Bones are meat, but bones are also not meat.  Bones are bones.  Meat is preferred.  Bones are not preferred.  Nobody impresses a date by putting a cooked bone in an empty bowl.  Here, my love, here is a bone and one bean.  That is not something you hear all that often, but I think it should be.  A bone is the most beautiful ingredient.  It makes the bean so good.  Bones are cheap.  With a bone, you really come into contact with the animal.  This is how I feel about bones.  To me a bone is a thankful thing.           

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