Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheese and pickle plate

Well, today is a packing day. I am moving house. The kitchen is too disorderly for serious cooking, but not too disorderly for a serious cheese and pickle lunch.

Putting together a cheese and pickle plate is easy. Get yourself some cheese (I got some medium cheddar from Vermont), some pickles (I sliced up some kosher dills from god knows where), a nice local plum, a wad of Dijon mustard (from Dijon), some shredded lettuce, and some buttered breads and crackers. That's it.

Stayed tuned for a video tour of my dry goods pantry. It should be fun.


Liz said...

OK - I now consider it a point of honour that I send you a pot of English pickle, because that thing of which you speak is emphatically *not* pickle. You have my email - send me your mailing address!

Jono Tosch said...

Oh, stupendous!