Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Good morning. Around 7 A.M Eastern time I karate chopped the absence beside me. I cannot recall the dream I had been dreaming, but I can assure you that I did not fancy myself Jackie Chan or Elvis Presley, or some other famous, action hero such as Bruce Willis. Nonetheless, some erasures.

What is an erasure? An erasure is the result of erasing words from a text to form a new text. One can accomplish this in many ways: by hook or crook, eraser or white-out pen. I have a paper back copy of Turgenev's novel, "Rudin," and perhaps I will spend some money on some new pens, and some time in the near future with my bum-on-seat. Meanwhile, check out yet another way to make an erasure, the virtual way. This link will bring you to a page on the Wave Books site where you can make some erasures of your own and view the erasures of others.

Ah, now I understand why I feel compelled to write about this topic this morning. By erasing we create an absence, and apparently I am creating an absence in my life. Enjoy.

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