Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carrot and potato soup, cream of

"Another orange soup, dad? We just had orange soup!" Oh, kids, quit bitching. You're driving me up the wall. Although there is truth in the saying, "you also eat with your eyes," mostly you eat with your mouth and you taste with your tongue, so zip it. So what if this carrot and potato soup looks like the butternut squash soup! They taste nothing alike. This one is fall-down rich, with serious beef amperage and an invisible paprika roux underpinning, so shut up and put your bibs on.

Actually, you can see that I was a little concerned about the orange-orange confusion: hence, the cheesy leek croutons and the heavy hand on the cracked black pepper. Sure, some people who aren't actually blind, just totally unobservant, might not notice the difference, but to that I say, bollocks! Anyway, I suppose I should get down to business.

On second thought, I am not in the mood to enumerate one of those tedious creatures we call recipes. Not one lick. Instead, you will have to satisfy yourself with a no-bull ingredients list.

Shit load carrots, some potatoes, beef stock:

Cook thoroughly until super soft and put into a food processor or blender.

Put that mess through a fine sieve. All of it. (Mr. Fancy pants used his chinois again for this one.) Put aside.

Put butter and olive oil into a pot, heat up, toss in some flour (approximate volume of the butter oil volume), dash paprika...

Cook this until the flour is not raw, then hit it with some water (little) and heavy cream (more).

Whisk this shit up. Get it all gurgly and amazing. Bang the carrot puree from earlier into the pot. Pull it all together, bring to a boil, simmer, bang bang bang. That's your soup.

Parting words: I sweated my crouton leeks in the pot before I made the roux, so my paprika roux was cooked in leek oil. Yes sir, that is how you do it.


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