Sunday, November 16, 2008


The cooking week began on a humpf with some eggs and local apples. Toss in some loneliness, cold weather, and sheer boredom, and you end up with a smorgasbord. An apter title could not be found. The adventure grew arms and legs, and a belch surrounded the plates.

Well, being an animal of my world, a contemporary abreast the culinary wave, after I beached two quarts of curried lentil stew, I found myself waxing a little chipotle. Pictured below are the stuffed pastas (chipotle dough) that followed the cream of carrot soup.

Cream of carrot soup, transformed. I spent Friday night on several planets. I made these beef filled ravioli. I consumed the plate you see. I attended an outstanding art opening (DesignPaddlePatterns), drank a heady pint of double-IPA (11%, $7) on Bishop's Lounge balcony, and headed back home to fuel up for the after party: more food and cup of coffee.

The toretlloni actually came later, on Saturday, in a mad hump of enthusiasm before punching the clock at Luna Pizza (me delivery animal). But let's jump back to Friday night. I will not describe what could be called "my behavior." Nonetheless, that quotation enisled beast included "dead soliders," "pump organs," "mud puddles," "doobies," and "rug cutting." I had fun. I was smitten. I went home and produced this edible pile before klonking out:

Start with the fried rice

Add the curried lentil stew, sauteed in bacon fat

Bang on some ravioli

And there it is, a pile of brown food, no apples in sight. P.S. I haven't touched the tortelloni. I suppose I am saving them for Jesus or spring, whichever comes first.

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Anonymous said...

Michigan apples. fresh tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and whatever is growing in the neighbors garden as herbs. My salad for late summer early fall.